The Hechsherim that we use are all the most reliable. Our chocolates have Badatz Haeida Hacharadis or Machzikei Hadas Belguim.


We ship all over Israel.
We ship to cities in central Israel
usually within 24 hours! (not on Fridays)

About Us

Petite Sweets is a gift shop that specializes in beautiful Gifts combined with Belguim Chocolate arrangements for all your occasions. We have baskets for the new baby girl or for bris of the baby boy, Bar Mitzvas, Chosson Kallah, birthdays, anniversaries and much more. For your son abroad or daughter in seminary, to say thank you or hi to someone special in Israel, we have just the special package you want. Specialty in holiday packages – honey packages for Rosh Hashana,beautiful fruit creations for tu beshvat and gorgeous shalach manos baskets for purim. Our packages are kosher, under the best hechsherim. We Ship all over Israel.