Petite Sweets was established in the year 2000 as a small home business making handmade confectionary chocolates. It has long since grown into a worldwide chocolate and gifts enterprise, catering to anyone who wants to surprise their friends and family in Israel or in the USA, with packages of gifts and chocolates.

Petite Sweets works hard to make your arrangement creative, striking, and affordable, always finding the newest styles and ideas.

All baskets are kosher with the best mudarim hechsherim. (All chocolate and nuts are either Bedatz Eida Hachareidis Jerusalem or Bedatz Igud Rabanon Manchester, UK.)

We ship all over Israel within 3 business days and can also ship same day service to most parts of the country.

Look at our new updated Simcha section and shop at the convenience of your home to your far away friends.